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Growing up entrepreneur; When did you give up on saving the world?

GUE1The “Entrepreneurial Spirit” is distinct. The daily collision of risk management, innovation and possible failure makes us obvious in a crowd. The brightest business people, athletes, professionals, models, actors, bloggers and buskers have one thing in common, the spirit it takes to open a business and maybe fail. That takes balls.

Regardless of what world you are living and doing business in, you have the same belief that I do. You can be the best, you can save the world you exist in, if you needed to. You live with the idea that nothing is too hard, nothing is out of reach.

What about everyone else? Living a life with a “J-O-B”? When did the majority give up on saving the world? A mentor once told me “If being a business owner was easy, everyone would do it”, all cliché’s aside, he was right. Being an entrepreneur with the spirit to succeed and the mindset to save the world is not common. It should be, but it isn’t.

Steven Jobs, famously said “We’re here to put a dent in the universe.”. I’m not sure, but I think he meant, anyone can put a dent in the universe.

Get to Doing.


Growing up Entrepreneur; finding inspiration

Inspirations come in many forms. Inspiration has no sense of “time”, or timing. Sometimes it comes when you need it most and other times you search so hard for it that you exhaust yourself looking.

Finding a quick muse in my generation is as easy as the click of a mouse and 4:41 seconds later…goose bumps.

What inspires you? How do you find those inspirations?

The outlook that I take on “Finding Inspiration” is not one of chance. I SEEK Inspiration. I NEED to.

As a consultant, you need to carry the tone of the training group; there simply isn’t the time to waste being a “sad case” in front of an engaged group.

As a leader, you can show vulnerability, but your purpose can never shift, or your team with shift with it.

As a presenter, you are the ARCHITECT of INSPIRATION, and need to have it present or RISK losing your listeners.

Don’t leave Inspiration to random discovery, in a world as inspiring as ours, you can find it everywhere.

Create a folder in your “Bookmarks” called “INSPIRE ME” and save the favourites. Spend 1 morning a month doing nothing but researching what inspires you and adding to the folder.

Inspire me

Always be open to inspiration.

Never think ANY inspiration is too small.

Get to doing!

Finding your core values, if money was no object


  1. Frame {find calm}
  2. Create {define}
  3. Refine {group}
  4. Prioritize {scrutinize}
  5. Live with them {act on them}

What is a core value? Why do they even matter? Isn’t that “fluffy” consultant speak?!

Living with a guiding set of values that help manage your interactions and dealings is essential to growth. {truism}.

Your relationships are clearer, and you are happier when you are living by a definition that YOU created. {truism #2)

Finding your TRUE CORE VALUES is hard. {FACT}

Let’s address that,

By Wikipedia’s definition; Core values {are}, the first value category of the value system.

Dig a little deeper and you get into the heart of the matter, your “value system”!? {yikes}

How do you define your value system?

Surprisingly, most people will claim to have a value system, but struggle to define it to themselves and, thus, to others {me}.

I suffered from this for too long and needed to find a way to both keep my CORE VALUES front of mind and able to adapt with my growing experiences. After some study and work with STAGEN, I adapted a 5 step process.

Start here;

BEFORE YOU START – Create a {realistic} timeline that works for you, I do this exercise once a year. I started by doing it quarterly.

Step 1) Frame: Get yourself in the right frame of mind, sip on some whiskey, listen to classical music, smoke a cigar {or all 3}.


It is so important to consider this question first;

What do I desire?

{Write down the first 5 desires that pop up, put them aside}

Step 2) Creation: Ask yourself this one question;

What is important to me?

Write everything down, I mean everything (look for 7-15 items at least).

Step 3) Refinement: Now group the values phrases together into logical and meaningful groupings {that share the same essence}. Group your values into 5-7 main corps categories or “themes.”

Step 4) Prioritize: Now, prioritize those core values themes in order of emphasis (based on how much attention you want to put toward these values in your life).

Now comes the hard part.

Step 5) Live with them {act on them}: The old adage is true “Actions speak louder than words”.

Putting a set of CORE VALUES to practice takes resolve;

  • it means questioning your operations,
  • hiring ONLY employees who “buy in” to them,
  • sacrificing friendships for them,
  • a lot of W.A.F {work after failure}
  • fielding critique every step of the way,
  • holding yourself accountable {when nobody is watching}
  • and fighting for what is important to you.

Core Values are not meant to be the POPULAR Choice {necessarily}, they are designed to help you cut that BS and get to the HEART of what makes you proud.

Have a look at mine.

{to be continued} Next, I will look to take those DESIRES you wrote down and test them with your NEW CORE VALUES.