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Growing up entrepreneur; When did you give up on saving the world?

GUE1The “Entrepreneurial Spirit” is distinct. The daily collision of risk management, innovation and possible failure makes us obvious in a crowd. The brightest business people, athletes, professionals, models, actors, bloggers and buskers have one thing in common, the spirit it takes to open a business and maybe fail. That takes balls.

Regardless of what world you are living and doing business in, you have the same belief that I do. You can be the best, you can save the world you exist in, if you needed to. You live with the idea that nothing is too hard, nothing is out of reach.

What about everyone else? Living a life with a “J-O-B”? When did the majority give up on saving the world? A mentor once told me “If being a business owner was easy, everyone would do it”, all cliché’s aside, he was right. Being an entrepreneur with the spirit to succeed and the mindset to save the world is not common. It should be, but it isn’t.

Steven Jobs, famously said “We’re here to put a dent in the universe.”. I’m not sure, but I think he meant, anyone can put a dent in the universe.

Get to Doing.


Growing up Entrepreneur; finding inspiration

Inspirations come in many forms. Inspiration has no sense of “time”, or timing. Sometimes it comes when you need it most and other times you search so hard for it that you exhaust yourself looking.

Finding a quick muse in my generation is as easy as the click of a mouse and 4:41 seconds later…goose bumps.

What inspires you? How do you find those inspirations?

The outlook that I take on “Finding Inspiration” is not one of chance. I SEEK Inspiration. I NEED to.

As a consultant, you need to carry the tone of the training group; there simply isn’t the time to waste being a “sad case” in front of an engaged group.

As a leader, you can show vulnerability, but your purpose can never shift, or your team with shift with it.

As a presenter, you are the ARCHITECT of INSPIRATION, and need to have it present or RISK losing your listeners.

Don’t leave Inspiration to random discovery, in a world as inspiring as ours, you can find it everywhere.

Create a folder in your “Bookmarks” called “INSPIRE ME” and save the favourites. Spend 1 morning a month doing nothing but researching what inspires you and adding to the folder.

Inspire me

Always be open to inspiration.

Never think ANY inspiration is too small.

Get to doing!

Growing up Entrepreneur; an anthology in the making

Being an Entrepreneur is all that I have ever known. When I tell my “story”, I start with “I may have never had a J-O-B in my entire life”.

Maybe a little untrue, I worked for A&W as a teenager 🙂 The total truth, and the point I am looking to get across to the readers of this anthology is simple.

Entrepreneurship is a way of life, better yet, a way of living, and you can be an entrepreneur even if you don’t own the company you work for.

But to say that I “grew up as an Entrepreneur” is an understatement, it is just who I am, and the only way I have lived my life.

I chose my industry early, “Hospitality”, which encompasses bars, restaurants, hotels, distilled spirits and nearly everything you spend your leisure doing. I live in the service of others, and won’t change that till I die.

Here is what Wikipedia.org has to say about the “Entrepreneur”.

Here is my version;

An entrepreneur is one who organizes and manages any form of business, usually with much initiative and risk. Entrepreneurs engage in productive labour and show “hyper-organization” of personal and professional tasks.

In this anthology, I intend on providing a thorough and transparent look at the life of someone who “Grew Up Entrepreneur” in the most hospitable industry in the world. A geek in bartender’s glasses, with more education than sense.

Weekly you can take part in my anthology, learn from my mistakes and learn from the observations. Although I may reach into the “philosophy” of Entrepreneurship as much as the practical side, I am confident that you can find something from this series that will prevent your own costly mistakes.

Here is to hoping, now let’s get to doing.