The idea of serving someone or being a servant is a complicated one. I am surprised and endeared at the quality of service sometimes, and others make me want to pull my hair out. Tonight is somewhere in between. I always give everyone the chance to be memorable, for the tips sake, for the venues sake, for my experiences sake, everyone get’s an equal shot at making me a return customer.

What is it to serve someone? When you think of the concept do you feel powerful or less than the “servee”?

I found pride in service, pride in the process, life as a servant is a rewarding one. I never found a customer who didn’t smile when I did, and never got a bad review when I committed to the process. Bad customer experiences happen, and bad customers exist, but it’s up to the servant and their process as to whether you can serve them to return, whatever reason, it’s up to you.

No need for a stale approach, keep things fluid, but with the mind of “How do I help this person enjoy what we offer?” easy right?

Even a servant needs experience and a plan.

Engage quickly, even just acknowledge them. Customers want to feel special.

Offer more than just ” What can I get you?” or “My name is..” engage with the offer. (What do you offer?)

Pay attention, like a fish cooking in a pan, you need to watch it, predict how much moisture it has and make sure you don’t get burned, sorry, IT doesn’t get burned;)

Predict the want…they all want, but how comfortable can you make it for them to buy?

Ask how it’s going, ask how they are, ask, ask, ask…too many servers and servants bury there head in the sand and wait for the patron to rule the experience. Engage with inquisition and do a little more.

HINT*…they came to you because they didn’t WANT to rule the experience, but if they HAVE to rule the experience, they will, I would, so would you.

Lead the experience and know what you offer. Always know what you offer, and why you can sell it. (Technical & Trivial information)

Finally, always finish strong, so strong they never forget you or your smile…Too many servers and servants drop the tab and disappear…What else can you offer?

Oh yah, smile:)

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a life in hospitality

here it is.

Get to doing.

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