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Restaurant Recruitment; Autonomy (Medium Rare), Mastery (on the side), and Purpose (for dessert)

A strong (even everlasting) recruitment strategy is essential to any business’ growth and success. [TRUISM]

We are in the age of shorter attention spans, and the idea of “retention” resides in how quickly the google search can be performed in most cases. [FACT]

It is well-known that we struggle in the Restaurant Industry to keep great people. So many see it as a “stepping stone” or a stopover on a career with[out] direct service of others.

Call it the “nature of the industry” or poor retention in training, call it what you like, the “industry” has always had a problem.

I am proud to say that the trend is [seemingly] shifting. BUT the need to motivate great people to stay  in hospitality, long-term, has never been greater.

I’d like to present a point to Restauranteurs; a point that says we got it all wrong; a point that Dan Pink has brought to light with compelling information about the SCIENCE OF WHAT REALLY MOTIVATES US. You might be surprised.

Take 10 minutes to see what the science says about it;

Let’s consider for a moment that we may be treating how we motivate people a little “old school”. Let’s consider that flexible hours, “great tips” and a social environment are still not enough to outweigh the challenges of the “industry”.

Let’s look at this from the outside, and decide what REALLY keeps a person within your organization. What kept you this long?

Money is a motivator *FACT
Pay people enough to take the issue of money off the table. So they are only thinking about the work. *BEST Practice


Consider what is really important? 

Autonomy – The ability to be self-directed. You probably want to do something interesting, let me get out of your way.

Do you offer the freedom to be creative?

MasteryOur urge to get better at stuff and maybe MASTER it.

Do you FEED the want to MASTER great Hospitality?

Purpose – Having a “transcendent” purpose to attract and keep better talent. The Purpose Model.

What sets your purpose apart from the rest?

Perhaps, it is time to DO AWAY with the carrot and the stick and give people a REASON to stay.

To quote my favourite liberal restaurateur;

“It’s not hard to open a restaurant, it’s hard to open a restaurant that is BOTH; worth returning to & worth working for”

Get to doing!


What does it take to be a National Executive Chef?

An opportunity like a “National Executive Chef” does not come up for grabs often. These are the sort of positions that young chefs dream about (some anyways).

After travelling the globe and working with some incredible chefs, I still find myself wondering if I ever met someone along the way that would want this sort of job. I have met leaders that would qualify but lack the financial training and simply the Excel abilities. I have met some incredibly accountable and focused financial chefs without the true passion to be a creative culinar(ian). I have spent my time with (mostly), ultra creative, well researched chefs running pinpoint creativity on plates, but they usually lacked something in personality, leadership and/or the core financials to back the creativity.


What mix of skills does it take to be a National Chef for a large corporation? All misnomer aside, a young creative multi-unit chain who wants a creative thinker who can prove leadership, and give sound accountability. Is it possible to have such a chef that has all these qualities? Leave feedback in the comments section or feel free to contact me directly.

This is a real opportunity:) Have a look. 

Located in Calgary and reporting to the President and working very closely with the Vice President, Internal Development, we need an Executive Chef with the deepest of food passion, menu ownership and creativity.

The successful Executive Chef will have an unparalleled passion for foods of all kinds, global flavours and methods of cooking.  They are an experienced, creative, dynamic and hard-working Chef who is full of fresh ideas and keen to take on all culinary development, all menu planning and food research, balanced with a focus on culinary operations.  The Executive Chef will have proven success in premium casual, multi-unit, high volume kitchens and dining.  The successful candidate will understand that our food development program is very collaborative and detailed.

Our Executive Chef will recognize that goals set for food development come from multiple groups within our organization.  The successful Executive Chef is a visionary leader who is always searching for the next best and newest trends in food and cooking.  They are a culinary leader who is deeply committed to sharing their knowledge with our teams.

Key Activities:

  • Share your passion for food and culinary arts with our teams
  • Menu development, spreadsheet menu costing and management of menu systems
  • Recipe writing for hundreds of cooks geographically dispersed throughout Canada
  • Project management of multiple programs and priorities
  • Multiple department communication and execution details for alignment of all food related activities.
  • Coordinate and carry out food promotions, menu planning to maximize guest experience and sales growth
  • Coaching of Chefs on restaurant execution
  • Develop and support positive relationships with key suppliers, influencers and industry stakeholders through communication and support for working teams and multi-unit Regional Managers
  • Senior member of the Strategy Panel for the company


  • Red Seal or CCF Accreditation
  • Minimum of 10 years Kitchen, food development and proven culinary financial management, computer skills including but not limited to: Microsoft Excel, Outlook and Word.  Proven strength and success with analytical costing work including: cost controls, spreadsheet analysis and recipe preparation.  A high degree of comfort and skill utilizing business software in a professional environment
  • Proven strengths in project management
  • Knowledge of premium casual kitchen equipment, design and systems
  • Excellent understanding of and proven experience with sanitation, health and safety and systems that support same.
  • Exceptional work ethic, combined with highly detailed communication both written and verbal
  • Uses time productively, maximizes efficiency, and meets challenging work goals
  • Takes initiative and pursues opportunities aligned with a strong ability to multi-task
  • Strong communication skills, rapport skills and presentation skills
  • Willingness to travel throughout Canada and valid drivers license required
  • A college or university business degree in culinary arts, or equivalent, business education background an asset

Know anyone with this sort of skill set and a resume that can match? Email me at