Growing up Entrepreneur; an anthology in the making

Being an Entrepreneur is all that I have ever known. When I tell my “story”, I start with “I may have never had a J-O-B in my entire life”.

Maybe a little untrue, I worked for A&W as a teenager 🙂 The total truth, and the point I am looking to get across to the readers of this anthology is simple.

Entrepreneurship is a way of life, better yet, a way of living, and you can be an entrepreneur even if you don’t own the company you work for.

But to say that I “grew up as an Entrepreneur” is an understatement, it is just who I am, and the only way I have lived my life.

I chose my industry early, “Hospitality”, which encompasses bars, restaurants, hotels, distilled spirits and nearly everything you spend your leisure doing. I live in the service of others, and won’t change that till I die.

Here is what has to say about the “Entrepreneur”.

Here is my version;

An entrepreneur is one who organizes and manages any form of business, usually with much initiative and risk. Entrepreneurs engage in productive labour and show “hyper-organization” of personal and professional tasks.

In this anthology, I intend on providing a thorough and transparent look at the life of someone who “Grew Up Entrepreneur” in the most hospitable industry in the world. A geek in bartender’s glasses, with more education than sense.

Weekly you can take part in my anthology, learn from my mistakes and learn from the observations. Although I may reach into the “philosophy” of Entrepreneurship as much as the practical side, I am confident that you can find something from this series that will prevent your own costly mistakes.

Here is to hoping, now let’s get to doing.



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