Transparency in distilled spirits, a lesson.

Screaming on high about the flavour and profile of Maker’s Mark has been a specialty of mine over the years.

Today I am simply making a link to something else I have screamed from my soapbox, “Transparency in business”

Maker’s Mark has led the way with the honest approach to showcasing the “4W’s”, but it certainly does not end there. Beam Global, the parent sales company, showcases it’s figures for us all to see.


Opening the numbers to shareholders is a requirement to be on the markets, but transparency is voluntary. It is no co-incidence that these brands are the leaders in growth and sales.

My last connection will be this from Max Nisen from Business Insider. Radical Transparency Makes Employees Happier, More Productive And Loyal.

How much effort do you put into anti transparency?


doesn’t spend any..


3 thoughts on “Transparency in distilled spirits, a lesson.”

  1. I suppose that market growth is the catalyst to Beam’s decision to thin out the ABV as a tool to produce more quantity. I can’t understand the decision that favors a change of your beloved recipe as opposed to a temporary, 6 year price increase on your premium product.

    1. Great point. I will follow up with another review, and discussion on MM’s now here, but all in all, my point on transparency remains the same. They have released the details of the change and given us an honest reason as to why. If the flavour has been compromised, taste will tell, but something tells me I will be signing the praises of the new Maker’s mark as well.

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