Operation “FRESH Frozen” Cocktails – Testing and Results

So let’s begin with the results;

We did it! A day of thought, followed by 4 hours of testing, and we achieved all of our preliminary goals.

We reduced the calories by 30%, reduced the cost by 80%, and increased the freshness by 100%.

On to how we did it…

This is the second serving, 11 hours after the initial testing…

After a healthy day of brainstorming and discussion with local bartending pals, I came up with three experimental mixes that we thought would garner the results we were after. The inspiration for the mixes started with the current focus we have had at justcocktails.org on Molecular gastronomy.

We have been playing a lot with food thickeners like Xanthum Gum, and standard gelatines along with Agar-agar.

All of these seemed like they could help us to increase the Brix Measure (viscosity) of the base mix, without having to increase the sugar content.

**This is where another question started to present itself: Could I sell a franchise on the idea of a “Molecular” ingredient?

THEN IT HIT ME! The EUREKA moment. I felt like Archimedes in a Greek bath…(ok, maybe not that dramatic)

At harvest time each year, we buy up as many ripe fruits as we can and make jams and jellies for the winter months. The process of making jam is extremely simple: essentially, deriving a juice or “mulch” of the desired fruit, adding PECTIN to the reduction, and allowing time to set in the desired “hot fill” jars.

FRUIT PECTIN was our solution. It was cheap, natural (mostly from citrus rinds), and the quantity needed would be fractions of the other thickeners we tested. It also seemed like an easier sell than “molecular” margaritas.

On to the testing…

We needed to first match the current “Neutral Base” solution that most venues use. It was essentially a sweet lime solution from a bottle, mixed with H2O.

Here is where we broke it down simply: Fresh lime juice (pasteurized), water and white refined sugar took the place of the expensive, bottled product. This accomplished 2 goals instantly: 1) Added Freshness and Flavour; and 2) Reduced the Calories in the neutral base.

**A Third benefit was obvious as well… the solution we made COST significantly less than the packaged product, freeing up costs for fresh fruit additions, better sugars, fresh lime juice, etc…

We also tested with a store-bought pasteurized lime product and a “real lime” concentrate, Cane Sugar and Agave Nectar as well.

**Depending on your desired (COST:RETAIL) you can make this a real “Artisan” product. without breaking the bank AND NEVER costing MORE than the recommended “Neutral Base”.

Now, armed with 3 different (PECTIN:LIME JUICE:SUGAR:H2O) ratios, we further analyzed the TAYLOR MACHINES and the capabilities with a correct Brix solution.

On to the results…

The speed and efficiency

  • The Taylor 430 is capable of producing eight finished 10 ounce servings consecutively before requiring an additional 2-3 minutes to recover product temperature.
  • Can produce 10 gallons of product per hour (7 gallons per hour with alcohol).
  • Average freeze down time from typical product is 5-6 minutes.

The Ratio

With a final ratio of 1:25:100:700 (Pectin:Lime Juice:Sugar:Water) we found our desired BRIX MEASURE and FLAVOUR PROFILE for the Taylor Machine.


Original Neutral Base

Neutral Base 2L = $24.00 (neutral base requires the addition of 10L of water yielding 12L of total Neutral Base)

Break Down – 12L x 33.8oz/L = 405.60oz/2L of neutral base $24.00/405.60oz = $0.06 per oz.

  • FUB Slush has a 20% overrun (overrun is how much air is mixed into the finished product)

12oz of product – 20% overrun = 9.60oz of actual product served. (12oz – 20% = 9.60oz)

Neutral Base Cost = (9.6oz x $0.06/oz) = $0.58

Alcohol Cost = $1.00/oz = $1.00

Flavour Cost = $0.75/oz = $0.75

Total Cost = $2.33 / 12oz serving

If your Sale Price is $5.99 per 12 oz Serving, less cost = $5.99 – $2.33 = +$3.66 Profit


Neutral Base = approximately $5.20 (Fruit pectin, sugar, lime juice, and Water. Neutral base requires the addition of 13L of water yielding an average 15L of total product)

Break Down – 15L x 33.8oz/L = 507oz/batch of neutral base $5.20/507oz = $0.01 per oz.

  • FUB Slush has a 20% overrun (overrun is how much air is mixed into the finished product)

12oz of product – 20% overrun = 9.60oz of actual product served. (12oz – 20% = 9.60oz)

Neutral Base Cost = (9.6oz x $0.01/oz) = $0.10 (rounded up from 0.098)

Alcohol Cost = $1.00/oz = $1.00

Fresh Flavour Cost = $0.50/unit = $0.50 **Fresh Fruit or Fresh Puree was used

Total Cost = $1.60 / 12oz serving

If your Sale Price is $5.99 per 12 oz Serving, less cost = $5.99 – $1.60 = +$4.39 Profit

The Final Results

The product was “not as bad” for you: with a calorie reduction of 30%, from the far less-processed products used, and natural vitamins added by the fresh fruit.

The cost was reduced by 80% while removing a “proprietary” product and increasing the “house made” quality of the product.

The Flavour was fresher, lighter and did not leave you with a “heavy” feeling.

It did not take any longer to make and freeze, with a small reduction on the average freeze time.

The product did not separate when left overnight.

The product did not need as much energy to maintain consistency.

Healthier, better tasting, more consistent and cheaper…..ALL BECAUSE OF PECTIN.

Next post will discuss some recommended marketing techniques to “change the face” of these products to your consumers and your staff. From menu design, sales & service, to the final recommended seasonal marketing package.



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