Leadership and the new age of accountability from your bartender..

I am sure I am not the first to really say that “times are different” in the business of hospitality these days.

A lot has changed in only a few short years and I have to admit that my favourite trend has to be what I am seeing on more and more bars….A very clear leader.

Bartending has long been for the entrepreneurs, but now we are seeing entrepreneurs looking to contribute in a down economy, where jobs are more scarce and “security” in a hospitality “gig” can go a long long way.

The clear leader in your business or on your bar or on your floor is certainly your “nearest to entrepreneurship”, would you agree?

Leaders have a certain quality, but it needs to be developed and if it can be honed and directed for YOUR business you are sure to reap the benefits. Here is a personal example;

I have recently come back from a leadership trip for our company, an incredible experience with some of my closest peers.

It was truly an honour to be chosen by my peers to be a “Leader” in our company, and this was our chance to celebrate it together.

All that aside, it made me realize something about the last 10 years I have spent in hospitality.

On the bar, on the floor, I always tried to lead. Sometimes successfully, sometimes a little before my time.

Every time I have demonstrated great leadership, and be “awarded” even with a simple “Kudos” from the owner, I came back on fire, and ready to contribute and lead even further.

I know I am not john “everyman”, whatever that means, but fostering the growth of your leaders in your business WILL turn into better bottom line results.

Your business is no different than those I continue to work for, it needs a clear leader, a (wo)man ready to take responsibility for every drink served across the “wood”.

A person who sees the customers needs for great service and the teams individual needs in training and aid.

A leader gives a team something to strive towards. A leader is a Pole or Pillar that the team tethers to and looks to take over (eventually).

Leadership needs to be promoted and celebrated, fostered even. It IS the difference between 5% and 20% net returns, I implore you to find a fortune 500 company without a clear leader, competing for his leadership.

Now for those of you seeing a glowing man on a towering pedestal, reign it in. This is not what I am saying.

Lao Tzu is quoted saying

“A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.”

A leader is a lot of things, but when he/she is developed under a system that allows for growth and structures, well a leader would;

hold the team together, and keep them longer..

jump on a grenade..

inspire others to do what he/she does

be the most accountable, and be able to answer the questions about accountability

create competition, something we all strive to do

A leader can do a lot for your bar or restaurant. Do you already have a leader that you have not seen?

Pick your leaders, better yet, have your team pick the leaders, celebrate and drive together.

Lead the way:)


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