When you have the bartending assistant (glassy) on your training side. (Part 1)

Training, in any industry, is a tricky and ongoing process.

I have been trained by hundreds and trained thousands and I can say that something is always true. When you can get the lowest position on the hierarchy to be on your side and driving to grow, you have a a firm hold on the groups retention and the best chance to teach.

Let me say it simpler. When the crappiest paid and most laborious job is retaining, and striving for the next level, you have a hold on teaching the group, far more than if that tier of people were dis-engaged.

It goes without saying that in training RETENTION is the key to success in any training endeavour, but how do you help someone retain, especially at the lowest level? (Inspiration – Part Deux)

Well first things first, a commitment to the excellence of the trainee’s must be entrenched in your business’ core values, and driven home by your trainer.

Jason Jay, a mentor and muse of mine said it best in a recent blog post.

“All to often we get so busy just doing it – we forget that our success lies in the development of others. We can ‘do-it’ until the cows come home but what really give us fulfillment is enabling others to do it as well.”

As a service and hospitality trainer I could not agree more with JJ. The hospitality industry is very guilty of “just doing it” a lot and not developing it as well. Hell, sometimes it just seems “too busy”, but I argue that the options are too many to just let this enormous part of your business go without the attention it deserves anymore, “being thrown to the wolves” as they say is truly just a lazy way of saying “I didn’t make the time to train you”.

Delegate, “In-Venue”, “Out of Venue”, outsource, LMS, online course, seminar, read, assign, design, roll -out….these are all VERY cost effective options for your business.

Hopefully, this is not an option anymore…

"head in the sand"

Every business owner I have ever spoken too has relayed that the people in her/his business were either the most important or second most important part (usually to the customer) .

Ask yourself, “Have I provided all the tools to have my staff grow and succeed with my ever increasing profit goals?”

The time is now, the options are many, and remember that a key indicator of your venue’s training is in the happiness and motivation of your BA’s, ask for yourself and see where you stand.

Part Deux, I will dive into my version methods to maximize retention with INSPIRATION.


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