Philosophisizing on the nature of hospitality.

I will say that many things come down to principle in my life, as I grew into a life of hospitality much the same way, defining principles and best practices along the way.

This is why I know I am destined for a life in hospitality. Whether in my home, at my bar, or inside a client, living and breathing hospitality.

The principles in bartending are many; respect the classics, the creator and the freshness of the ingredients, no ml is too small to overlook and every ice cube needs to be perfect…to name a few.

Truth is, everything has a set of principles, a defined philosophy, from a lifetime designed by legends on every continent. Respect is the key, maybe it is the respect that is lost, maybe the desire to train the next wave.

Either way, I pride myself on helping design quality and lasting habits in bartenders, diligence, accuracy, frequency, and method…

Make it happen, I will not be afraid to ask:)

Here’s my Indian Cooler to sooth any experience.

45ml Vodka
45ml Cognac
15ml Orgeat
15ml Indian Winter Syrup (2:1, demerrara sugar, Anise, Mace, Fenny)
120ml Fresh OJ
1/2 Pomegranate (seeded)
Add ingredients to ice filled mixing glass, shake with vigor, finish with orange rind, oils, flame.

– pg


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