Line of Sight (rant)

It matters, what I can see while I sit at my table matters.

My server eating, not ok.
My bartender on the phone, even less ok.
Rules are simple, sanitation is first.
Consider that your phone, your meal, your fork, your hands, none of them are sanitary.

I am sorry but I am sitting watching my bartender on his phone while my server wraps cutlery, while eating her salad. Makes me tip less, want less and have a desire to not tell anyone to eat here. I’ll give you a chance your new, buy my god, tighten up the details.

Your booth is still in the dining room, your items are just like mine, I’m here to pay and eat, your here to serve and receive payment.

I am not being unfair, I understand wrapping up your shift, cashing out and moving forward into your day, but consider one question.

When I am out, how do I want to be treated? What do I consider appetizing?

Create the standard and live by it. Manage it and promote it, don’t hide the low standards on the Sunday shifts. Just saying.


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