Inspired Breakfast, Dairy Lane

Breakfast is a tricky affair. Short order cooking is tricky.

I am met with redefined hospitality idea’s all the time, but the world of the “breakfast joint” has always remained the same for me.

A myriad of swiftly dressed servers buzzing with pots of coffee and small receipt pads. Music in the background (usually the cooks choice), 2-3 short order cooks (a position I have longed to attempt), and 1 young, slightly underrated dish boy.

I have had the pleasure of spending two mornings over the past two weekends in Calgary breakfast joints that stand a cut above, for different reasons, but still a cut above. Let’s start with my new discovery.

Dairy Lane is first, this place is spectacular for many reasons, but first and foremost, sheer quality. With a display of the local farms where every item came from, and table talkers that let you dig deeper into the people who make this quality possible, the farmers.

They don’t just present quality products, they put them together wonderfully, simply and with your palate in mind.
We had the last chicken breast for the club, and a pork burger to die for. It was simple, different and the quality was unmatched in my last 6 months of breakfast dining.

I will not go too far into the flavours, because I believe that the palate is more subjective than your philosophy, but the whole experience is one to be shared and pushed forward. I don’t think Dairy Lane is a hidden gem, it is and should be a staple Calgary quality driven venue for anyone who loves to taste what it is meant to taste like.


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