An ode to the bartender with "flow"

I will not lie, I am at the bar…

Milk Tiger Lounge in Calgary, AB.

If you are looking for the classics, done right, here is the only place in “cowtown” that I have found to date.

I live in hospitality and know that these guys breath the same breath that I do. They live the quality, and pride themselves on the process. Some is unorthodox, but never under-informed.

I don’t ask for a cocktail here, I love when I come here, I only explain what I am feeling like, which usually entails a glorious libation of the creative and classic sort. Today was Rum and Bourbon, I was satisfied to no end.

As much as it may seem, this is not a review of Milk Tiger, they can impress you themselves, this is an ode to the process, an ode to the “zen” and “flow” needed to bartend with composure and class. It takes knowledge, it takes skill, it takes experience. But mostly it takes the mind of a servant and the constant need to improve. This place is a fine example of pride in the product, pride in the process and flow. (JJ)

They are engaging, well informed and well practiced, one could not ask for more on a Saturday afternoon.

– mobile blog, must have been important.



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