Restaurant Recruitment; Autonomy (Medium Rare), Mastery (on the side), and Purpose (for dessert)

A strong (even everlasting) recruitment strategy is essential to any business’ growth and success. [TRUISM]

We are in the age of shorter attention spans, and the idea of “retention” resides in how quickly the google search can be performed in most cases. [FACT]

It is well-known that we struggle in the Restaurant Industry to keep great people. So many see it as a “stepping stone” or a stopover on a career with[out] direct service of others.

Call it the “nature of the industry” or poor retention in training, call it what you like, the “industry” has always had a problem.

I am proud to say that the trend is [seemingly] shifting. BUT the need to motivate great people to stay  in hospitality, long-term, has never been greater.

I’d like to present a point to Restauranteurs; a point that says we got it all wrong; a point that Dan Pink has brought to light with compelling information about the SCIENCE OF WHAT REALLY MOTIVATES US. You might be surprised.

Take 10 minutes to see what the science says about it;

Let’s consider for a moment that we may be treating how we motivate people a little “old school”. Let’s consider that flexible hours, “great tips” and a social environment are still not enough to outweigh the challenges of the “industry”.

Let’s look at this from the outside, and decide what REALLY keeps a person within your organization. What kept you this long?

Money is a motivator *FACT
Pay people enough to take the issue of money off the table. So they are only thinking about the work. *BEST Practice


Consider what is really important? 

Autonomy – The ability to be self-directed. You probably want to do something interesting, let me get out of your way.

Do you offer the freedom to be creative?

MasteryOur urge to get better at stuff and maybe MASTER it.

Do you FEED the want to MASTER great Hospitality?

Purpose – Having a “transcendent” purpose to attract and keep better talent. The Purpose Model.

What sets your purpose apart from the rest?

Perhaps, it is time to DO AWAY with the carrot and the stick and give people a REASON to stay.

To quote my favourite liberal restaurateur;

“It’s not hard to open a restaurant, it’s hard to open a restaurant that is BOTH; worth returning to & worth working for”

Get to doing!


Likely not “News” to most in the “Industry” but the stats, even to me, we staggering.

Small Food Business

small business closingThe fact that many independent restaurants start and fail probably isn’t news to any of us, but the fact that they top the list of small business failures is a little eye-opening! Top Business Degrees has put together a great infographic on the most tried and failed mom & pop businesses including information on what you can do to make sure your small business doesn’t end up in this category.

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Growing up Entrepreneur; finding inspiration

Inspirations come in many forms. Inspiration has no sense of “time”, or timing. Sometimes it comes when you need it most and other times you search so hard for it that you exhaust yourself looking.

Finding a quick muse in my generation is as easy as the click of a mouse and 4:41 seconds later…goose bumps.

What inspires you? How do you find those inspirations?

The outlook that I take on “Finding Inspiration” is not one of chance. I SEEK Inspiration. I NEED to.

As a consultant, you need to carry the tone of the training group; there simply isn’t the time to waste being a “sad case” in front of an engaged group.

As a leader, you can show vulnerability, but your purpose can never shift, or your team with shift with it.

As a presenter, you are the ARCHITECT of INSPIRATION, and need to have it present or RISK losing your listeners.

Don’t leave Inspiration to random discovery, in a world as inspiring as ours, you can find it everywhere.

Create a folder in your “Bookmarks” called “INSPIRE ME” and save the favourites. Spend 1 morning a month doing nothing but researching what inspires you and adding to the folder.

Inspire me

Always be open to inspiration.

Never think ANY inspiration is too small.

Get to doing!

Get to doing.

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